SHERP N 1200 

Model Specifications

1,200 kg (2,645 lb)

Loading capacity

40 km/h (25 mph)

Max. Speed

6 km/h (3.7 mph)

Max. Speed in water




Maximum gradeability

61 hours

Fuel autonomy

1 m (3ft)

Approach Clearance

Doosan D18

Eco Friendly Engine

Stage 5 Tier-4-final

Ecological emission control

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

Maintenance free

5 Alph (1.3 mph)

Low Fuel Consumption

0,07-0,15 kg/cm2 (0.9-2.1 lb/in 2

Ground pressure (depends on tire pressure)

Exceptional all-terrain capacity

Easily overcomes boulders, fallen trees, and other obstacles up to 1 m (3 ft.) high.

Increased payload (+20%): 1,200 kg. (2,650 lb.)

Fuel autonomy: 61 hours (14 hours non-stop running just with main fuel tank). Fuel tank: 75 l. (16.5 gal.) plus 4 fuel canisters (58l./ 13 gal. each)

SHERP N 1200 modular platform design allows setting additional cargo and passenger room on it.

SHERP N 1200 opens new opportunities for you


New Doosan D18 is an eco-friendly engine that meets Stage 5/Tier-4-final emission standards and provides power of 55hp/41kW. The highest dynamic performance on its class in any climate zone.Warranty: 3,000 hours or 3 years.


The vehicle is equipped with a unique air-circulation system that uses exhaust gases to inflate or deflate them as required. The tires are connected by a pneumatic circuit that allows the driver to adjust the tire pressure to different terrains and payloads.


All SHERP main and additional equipment is developed by worldwide premium manufactures. Parts are made of steel produced by SSAB company, a high yield steel (1000 MPa), resistant to deformation. All parts have a zinc coating, extending its service life to 30 years.


The re-designed driver’s seat with increased comfortability

Includes up to 6 seats with 3-point seatbelts and up to 10 seats with benches and 2-point seatbelts

Advanced interior ergonomics: controls and buttons are located in more convenient and accessible places


Increased wheelbase and larger tires allow driving with greater comfort on any difficult terrain

Galvanized, rust-resistant body. Extended lifetime

Aluminum body: lighter vehicle and low center of gravity

Introducing the SHERP N 1200

SHERP N 1200 as a Business Solution

Warranties & Certifications

For all SHERP N 1200 the warranty is 24 months or 1000 work hours.

Warranty period for SHERP N 1200 engines is increased by three times and now is 36 months or 3000 work hours.

Applying new technologies increased the service interval by five times and now it is up to 250 work hours.

Transmission drives are placed in oil baths and do not require regular lubricate or other maintenance anymore.

Defects will be eliminated if the defect is caused by using insufficient quality materials or manufacturing technology.

United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) | Certificate of conformity with the clean air act.